Van life

Loads of people who are into cycling and camping wish they could have a van. If only their wives would let them. The VW Transporter and its variants are the van of choice being car-like to drive and many of them having really powerful engines. Many of these are converted to camper vans and this makes the insurance cheaper and allows normal speed limits (for a car) to be observed. The trouble is they’re really expensive, like £10k for a 10yr old van!

There are many other types of van of course. When we got a boat for Harry my wife suggested that maybe we should get a van! Well, yes, certainly. So after a bit of searching I found a Renault Trafic, LWB, with seats in the back and a 2/3 bulkhead that looked like it would fit an Optimist in as well as some bikes. It’s ace! I wondered about moving the rear seats forward to make space to sleep in the back but actually it’s really nice sitting in the back with a cup of coffee, reading a book and enjoying the view.





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