Passing years.

My year seems to have settled into a pattern as far as sporting events go. Spring is taken up with running for the Old County Tops. The fitness gained seems to translate quite well into a cycling event, the Northern Rock Cyclone this year. A leisurely summer holiday period is a poor build up for the Kielder 100 but this puts some cycling miles in the legs for the 3 Peaks Cyclocross.
This year was the same but different. Different because out of my two friends and me I had slipped in position from 2nd to 3rd as a result of Nick losing about a stone by running 3 times per week. Different also because Graham had plans to complete a Bob Graham round so had gone from being mega fit to being uber fit. Time to buck my ideas up.
The Old County Tops went well. We didn’t break any records (5mins off PB) but the weather at the end was shocking and I had been floored by cramp on Coniston Old Man. We did win a mug for being second V80 team home!

The NR Cyclone was a blast. 107 miles in 6.23 was very pleasing – better than I had imagined possible – and had showed me the benefits and fun involved in riding in a group, even if I did lose contact with one lot at first.
Sadly the Bob Graham was unsuccessful but we had a good day out and were early home after getting the message it was all off at 4.30am when we were waiting for the triumphant descent off Skiddaw.

The Kielder 100 was a horror. There have been many reports on the internet of the grim conditions and brake pad eating mud that I don’t need to add mine. Just to say I used 3 sets of pads and got timed out at 80 miles after having to repeatedly re-fix my LH crank and getting a puncture at the critical moment. Bah!


So to the 3 peaks. . .


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