Mostly downhill . . . honest!

When Sam was 8 he wanted to cycle to Newcastle. When the day came I was 10 days into recovery from a hernia repair but  Sam was suitably chuffed and I was relieved to make it.

Harry isn’t into cycling in the same way Sam is – he tends to get dragged along with varying amounts of enthusiasm on his part. This weekend Mum was away by train so we had the two factors of time to fill and a car to pick up and H was keen to cycle. I’d forgotten about swimming lessons but they were up for that too but that meant we didn’t get away until 2.30 – carefully timed to miss a torrential downpour which would probably have sent us back home if we’d been 10 mins earlier.

We came across a group of about 15 blokes who were riding the Hadrian Cycleway (one of them had fallen on the level crossing and was being sorted out by his mates) and then played cat and mouse with them for the next 15 miles or so, much to the boys’ amusement.

It was easy though – H managed without trouble and Sam seemed to relish his role as guide/expert advisor! We have a tradition of having a ‘feast’ when mum’s away which consists of loads of cream, meringue and fruit – we’d earned it today!


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