Stairs hold no fear

Just about recovered from the Old County Tops now, emotionally and physically! It really is a strange, psychological event. We were all psyched up, ready to go, weeks of training, special diet, sweating over the route, avoiding alcohol and then made it to the start line with everyone well and healthy but with an appalling weather forecast. On the first steep bit over to Grasmere Nick called me back to slow down – it was actually quite hot and sunny at that point and he was feeling a bit dizzy. Worrying. We slowed down, then the weather went bad, then we realised we were behind our schedule and no records would be broken so we relaxed and went for the T-shirt instead.

So 10.25 was our time. Disappointing but two years ago we would have been delighted. It just emphasised what a storming run we had last year and how good the conditions must have been. This years winners were the same as last year but even they took about 20 mins longer. A combination of tonic water and chocolate seemed to keep the cramp under control (for me anyway).

In contrast Graham and John had a fantastic run getting round in 9.05 (59sec!) – that’s a 2hr improvement for Graham but it’s taken him 5yrs to do it. They were, naturally, gutted to have taken longer than 9hrs! Ho hum, there’s always next year when we’ll all be veterans.

So tomorrow I’ll be MUCH older. Hopefully it won’t rain too much as I’m going to play at Kielder. 🙂


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