New horse for this course please

I get it now. All this stuff about slack heads, riser bars and suspension. I’ve been playing in the woods again exploring the many trails criss-crossing them, all of which are quite entertaining but clearly a bit too ‘xc’ for the locals who are building a full-on ‘dh’ track. It’s progressed a fair bit since I last looked a couple of months ago – loads of swooping through between trees, jumps and even a massive wooden ramp that currently stops about 5ft in the air and is hopefully a work in progress.

I rode up (there was no-one about) and decided I could manage one or two of the jumps with suitable commitment only when I actually came down I forgot which ones were ok. Yikes. When I’d finally stopped and replaced my eyes in their sockets I wandered back up to see what I’d jumped over. Must have been a good 2ft drop onto a steep slope and that’s the difference isn’t it? On the level, a jump is fine on pretty much any bike but downhill and it’s really hard to get your weight back when you’re on a head down, rigid, racing 29er. Hence the slack heads and high bars. And springs.


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