Don’t overdo it

Harder work last night. It was a struggle to even get to Rothbury in good time – the last Final Year revision seminar (4 groups, the biggest seminar in the world) ran over then we couldn’t get out. My new pass failed to work so we started at least 10 mins later having been released by a consultant.

Still a lovely evening. Only 13.61 miles on the widget and slower than last week but much wetter underfoot which is easy given it was dusty dry last week. Wonderful to stand on top of Simonside at 9.15pm and feel sorry for all those folk who feel the need to be tucked up in bed at that time. It’s a cracking descent from there too, all the more exciting in the semi-darkness.

One more week of build up then we’re tapering. It’s come round quickly this year!


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