A few days away at the folks’. Easter Saturday morning, while people were getting up, I popped out for a short run, out the way we used to walk to Dunham. Anticipating shrinkage of distance when viewed through adult eyes I thought of a route then doubled it but it was still 0nly a bit short of 5 miles. Loads of new buildings/path diversions/new parks and suchlike – good way to explore though.

Nice few days playing pitch and putt, visiting Tatton, going clubbing with a load of students (luckily it was a 90s night but still . . .) and then calling in at the Lakes on the way home.

Pike o Blisco
Pike o' Blisco

Great day – dry and quite warm. Went up Pike of Blisco then S and the boys went back down while I ran round over Crinkle Crags, Bowfell, Esk Pike then down Esk Hause to Angle Tarn, over to Stake Pass and back down into Langdale. About 9 miles, 2500ft (+1900ft for the initial walk) and something over 2 hours. Good ‘specific’ training.

Future fellrunners
Future fellrunners

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