Courtesy of the Duke

Well last week we explored Dukes Wood a bit. I’d been there years ago and run through it late one summer evening, desperately hoping I was heading in the right direction but I’ve never ridden there, mainly because there are only a couple of footpaths marked on the map and I’m generally boringly law abiding.

Chap in the Bike Shop in Hexham says it’s ok. He says the Duke of Northumberland has, kind of, gifted it to the people of Hexham to do what they like in. It’s a free for all. Go where you like. And it’s riddled with singletrack and you could lose yourself in there for a couple of hours.

Just the thing for a windy day then. Unfortunately my rigid 29er Scandal may turn out not to be the thing even for the 2ft drops that have been built on the hillside. Which is a shame because the whole lot looks flippin’ brilliant!

Had a good poke round the place though and found a lovely spot for lunch, returned home at peace with the world 🙂


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