Most improved

I don’t really know why Sam is *so* into football but he just loves it. He’s been to three coaching sessions this half term week and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I was impressed when we picked him up after the first afternoon and one of the lads in the group said “Sam, he’s mint at footie” When I told Sam what he’d said he laughed and told me how the group had laughed at him when he couldn’t do ‘keep em ups’ and commiserated with the side he was picked to play for. He just thought “I’ll show them” and he did. Wow!

Haz and I went to watch the tournament at the end and not only did Sam score two goals, one after another but his team won overall and then he won the trophy for the ‘Most Improved Player’

Harry and I collected a bootfull of logs and explored some woods we’d never been in – and had our usual trip to a cafe. Then today we’ve been up to Kielder on the bikes – there’s loads of work going on there to build new trails and it’ll be ace when it’s finished. Bit cold there today though – should be warmer for the next holiday.


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