I like a gauntlet

There’s still quite a bit of snow round here and last night was bitterly cold so it’s all solid frozen today.

I rode down a track which is normally a stream but was quite different today. Two old blokes stopped and waited for me to warn me that there was a sheet of ice “30yds long” which I wouldn’t be able to ride over. I’m not sure what they expected me to do. More of a hazard was the field where horses had been walking in 6 inch deep mud which had then frozen hard.

So I felt pretty good having negotiated these obstacles without event but putting some power on to get up the hill from quality cottages everything went ping. I thought at first my chain had snapped but no – it was the chainring! Need to get one made out of stronger cheese.

I’m sure I didn’t have to push my bike on the last duathlon.


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