The annual

Almost a year since the last trip to Scotland (not counting last week). Just Nick and me and a four hour car journey to discuss our objectives for the weekend. A blast of cold russian air was forecast but whether it would reach us in time to firm the snow up was unclear.

Ardgour is an area I’d fancied exploring ever since finishing the Munros; the most northerly Corbetts looked appropriate.

Glenfinnan Monument is definitely leaning. There’s loads of fairly small scale hydro schemes going on but apart from that Ardgour was deserted – and wild, both wind and terrain.

Sunday saw the usual 22min discussion in the car about what should be done. We fancied climbing a buttress but were worried it wouldn’t be frozen and we might get blown off – in the end we had one of those days you dream of which just goes to show you should just get on with it rather than discussing.

Sron na Lairig
Sron na Lairig

I still need some new boots but it’s hard to justify them for a day a year.


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