White, one sugar please

If I’ve run I just down a pint of juice when I get in but for some reason I’d rather have a big mug of tea if I’ve been out on the bike. I’ve earmarked Thursdays as cycling days with running going on on Tuesdays and Wednesday nights. Unfortunately I forgot my trainers yesterday so no running but instead I cycled the usual running route on my old road bike commuter in a cyclocross style. Quite funny in the dark but much less exercise than running except up the steepest bits of hill when I did puff a bit and the bike squealed as the flex on the handlebars activated the brakes. I felt like those lazy dog walkers who cycle beside their pooch as I cruised at jogging pace next to Nick. And I was frozen at the end whereas he was steaming.

So I nearly ran today but decided it’s best not to be too obsessive about these things and cycled instead. Lovely to be out on the bike. Only time for 18.5 miles at 15.5 average speed which takes the grand total on my new computer to 45 miles. Impressive eh? All but 6 in the last week though. Enjoyed the big mug of tea too.


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