First trip to Scotland of the year – oh how we reminisced about the days when we used to go several times a year or at the drop of a hat whenever there was a free weekend. Still we had a good time. Sadly no climbing – freezing well about the summits and last weekends ‘arctic blast’ had well and truly disappeared. At least that meant the potential transport difficulties for climbers/non-climbers were non-existant.

So, on Saturday the A-team (the fresh Graham and me) did Beinn Sgulaird and Beinn Fhionnlaidh whilst the others (George, Mike and Alex) just did the latter. Cloud to about 800m and wind strong but nothing like the 40-50mph forecast. Wet and boggy!

Sunday was supposed to be a better day so we were up at 6.30am for a day on the Grey Corries. Good walk, no views all day and interesting industrial relics on the last couple of miles back to the cars.

Apart from the poor vis the only big downside was a mega blister on my heel – un heard of! Must get some new boots.


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